4 November 2018

Alexey Staroselets (b. 1986, Saint-Petersburg) is a Designer, Calligrapher, Producer, Photographer, Campaigner, among many other things. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, California.

He was the Art Director of Russian branding agency INOLOGY (Saint-Petersburg), awarded at IDEA National Advertising Festival and Red Apple International Advertising Festival in 2011 with the Book of Logistician.

He worked for developing of the corporate visual communications system for GAZPROM-Neft.

He designed visuals and album art for musicians like Okean Elzy, FEODOQ, Vragi and many others.

Currently he is focused on providing branding services for private parties and businesses, creating album art and film posters, practicing calligraphy and experimenting with various forms of visual art.

Alexey is a proud member and supporter of:

AIGA, The Professional Association For Design.
TypeThursday Los Angeles Chapter

The easiest way to get in contact with Alexey is this email: hello@alexeystar.com

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