Alexey Staroselets

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Graphic Designer & Visual Artist


Alexey Staroselets [a-LÉK-see staro-SÉL-itz] is a multi-disciplinary designer and visual artist with focus on Film and Music production industries. Among his clients are agencies, companies, individual filmmakers, producers and artists from the US and Europe.

A visual alchemist, Alexey is continually experimenting with a variety of artistic practices, such as calligraphy and lettering, generative design, analogue photography, hand crafts and many more. Always looking for new components to be intertwined, he is keen on learning new skills and usage of uncommon devices.

Alexey is a proud member and supporter of:
The Professional Association For Design — Los Angeles Chapter (AIGA LA)
TypeThursday, a global community of type enthusiasts

The Font of the Hollywood Stars - Design Toast by AIGA Los Angeles, 2020
Meet Alexey Staroselets - Voyage LA, 2019