Hollywood Star Font
7 February 2020

Hollywood Star is a font based on the shape of letters from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is a personal project, which started in 2019 as research on urban typography of Los Angeles and Hollywood in particular.

The first iteration of Hollywood Star font was presented on February 6, 2020, at TypeThursday Los Angeles event.

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The current version contains two sets of letter shapes: Rugged and Clean, in uppercase and lowercase respectively. Letters in the Rugged set look as close to their original condition as possible: with all dents, casting marks, and other imperfectness. The Clean version is an attempt to recreate the original font, with fixing all rough edges and bucklings.

Every star on the Walk was photographed and thoroughly analyzed.

Surprisingly, some letters have more than one version. For instance, three different ampersands were found.

Nevertheless, most of the shapes are fairly consistent, which allowed recreating capital letters and releasing the first version of the Hollywood Star font.

The next update of Hollywood Star font will be including:

  • more glyphs and letters variations
  • numbers
  • icons for Film, TV, Film, Radio, and Theatre nominations
  • improved kerning and other minor updates