Alexey Staroselets

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L'Argent magazine was my project for UCLA Extension Publication Design classes which I took in 2019 in Los Angeles.

It was created from scratch, starting from the very idea of a money-related magazine, to the final execution of a complex multi-page layout.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in making it real, I'd be happy to jump back to this project. Magazine_Page_01.jpg Magazine_Page_02.jpg Magazine_Page_03.jpg Magazine_Page_04.jpg Magazine_Page_05.jpg Magazine_Page_06.jpg Magazine_Page_07.jpg Magazine_Page_08.jpg Magazine_Page_09.jpg Magazine_Page_10.jpg Magazine_Page_11_v2.jpg Magazine_Page_12.jpg Magazine_Page_13.jpg Magazine_Page_14.jpg Magazine_Page_15.jpg Magazine_Page_16.jpg Magazine_Page_17_v2.jpg